When can I start driving lessons? 

In the UK you need to be at least 17 years old to start driving lessons. Before you start you’ll need to apply for a provisional license from the DVLA either online or by getting an application form from the post office. 

How many driving lessons will I need? 

There isn’t a minimum number of hours you need to have under your belt. How quickly you learn depends on lots of things, from your age to how quickly you pick up the information. 

What type of car will I be learning in? 

The car will be a brand new Renault Clio 5 door hatchback with manual gearbox and dual controlled. The car has air conditioning, electric windows & electric mirrors. This type of car is an easy car to learn to drive because it has good interior space providing easy maneuverability. 

Do I need to have passed the theory test before I can start? 

No you don’t. In fact, if you purchase 10 of more hours of lessons from me then I book and pay for your theory test for you. If you book 40 hours or more then if for any reason you need to retake the theory test, I will cover this too. It can be beneficial to start your lessons before you sit your theory test but you will need to have passed the theory test before you apply for your practical test. 

How much do driving lessons cost? 

The cost of lessons varies depending on where you live and who you use. I regularly run some great introductory offers for new customers so they could cost less than you think. 

How long do driving lessons last? 

I recommend that you have between 2 and 4 hours of lessons a week and have found that students who have 2-hour lessons tend to progress more quickly. 

How to I take the theory test? 

There are test centres across the UK – just type ‘my nearest theory test centre’ into a search engine and it should show you your nearest one. You can also get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to advise you of your nearest centre. 
E lesson@drivewithmo.co.uk M 07920 883853 
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